web hosting provide good perfermance

Web host speed matters even when you’re buying the most basic of shared hosting. Your website visitors may not stick around if they’re regularly kept waiting by a sluggish server. To get a feel for Accu Web Hosting’s performance we signed up for a very simple shared hosting account and uploaded a very basic website.Next we used click here to check the availability and response time of our test site at five-minute intervals over a 7 day period that’s more than 2,000 individual checks.The results showed our site had 100% uptime with no outages detected. That’s what we expect for a short-term test but some hosts don’t manage it.Response times averaged 289ms. We’ve seen faster hosts the best average 150 200ms but it’s within the range we would expect for a basic shared hosting package. And remember that’s what we’re testing. These results tell us nothing about what you might see from Accu Web Hosting’s other products .Accu Web Hosting really scored for its consistency though. Results ranged from 280 376ms but that high reading was very much an outlier and its overall response time chart is just about as flat as we’ve seen.
That’s an important result maybe more so than the response time. A very spiky chart with wide variations in time suggests an overloaded server or network with too many sites competing for too few resources. Accu Web Hosting’s stability indicates the opposite: even our very basic shared hosting plan seemed to have all the resources it needed at all times of the day.The standard cPanel File Manager enables creating and organizing folders uploading and editing files and generally getting your web space in order.There are all the usual website management features too including tools to work with domains and sub domains create databases create and manage email accounts and when you’re up and running, get in-depth stats on your website visitors.All websites run into problems occasionally whatever your host but Accu Web Hosting has more ways to help than most live chat email telephone a web knowledge base and some busy social media sites.There’s a huge amount of content available on the knowledge base alone 25 articles on CDN use 36 covering email client settings even 51 Plesk tutorials. The articles help cover practical tasks How to install a WordPress theme as well as installation and troubleshooting making the support site a genuinely useful resource.No marketing tricks no misleading headline prices no unlimited accounts which really aren’t Accu Web Hosting has a strong range of quality products very configurable fairly priced honestly described and with quality support. Go take a look. Accu Web Hosting supports payment via card and PayPal. We paid via PayPal in the usual way and while we did that a text arrived with our password.The verification process didn’t work as we expected. An email asked us to click to enter our one-time password but when we did told us we’d verified it already. A verify your email address link didn’t work either. Eventually a second verify email appeared though so we clicked the link and this time the website accepted it and displayed our hosting account plan.Despite these initial hassles, Accu Web Hosting set up and activated our account at speed and within 15 minutes a Welcome email arrived with logins FTP credentials nameservers and every other detail you might want to know.