Finding a Hard Money Lender

At first, hard moneylending Singapore may seem difficult to locate. However, you just need to know the right places to look. Professionals such as accountants, attorneys, and insurance agents have often have clients who are hard money lenders or more generically, private lenders. Especially, if they think they could profit by your endeavors, these professionals often will be eager to refer a source.

Settlement attorneys are often very knowledgeable of individuals in the field since they write loan documents for hard money lenders. Because of their familiarity with the work, attorneys may be hard money lenders themselves.

Since accountants have clients seeking to invest, they are another great source. Real estate is a very secure investment and lenders are not timid to real estate loans, especially when the long term value is low and the interest rate is high. Usually trust in accountants is very high as people let them do their finances. Therefore, a referral from an accountant should carry a lot of weight for a lender

Another method for uncovering lenders is to research the homes undergoing renovation. The courthouse can provide information regarding the lender involved in the renovation projects and often a private lender is involved. Concentrate on contacting lenders who have homes in the same area where you want to invest as their background and familiarity with the market makes them a more likely source.

Insurance agents will also be knowledgeable of the names of hard moneylending Singapore in your region. Any hazard insurance policies issued will have listed a “loss payee” if a lender is involved. An agent can go through their records and find names of private lenders on policies they have written.

Mortgage brokers who regularly work with investors are a good source. There may be a fee associated with the referral, but if it means finding a source, it very well might be worth it. Finding a hard money lender is not difficult if you have connections, know the proper circles to look in, and ask around. Stick to people in your area. It may require persistence, but eventually you will find one. They do exist. It just might take a little ground work to uncover them.