Best Countries to Visit on a Pakistan Passport

The blazing summer heat is upon the US, and for people who are lucky enough to be able to take a much-needed break from work or faculty, it suggests that vacation time! However, if you’re Pakistani and you wish to travel somewhere abroad, you’d in all probability debate.

The Rupee’s down, the Dollar’s up, and therefore the Pakistani passport is perhaps gonna hinder your visa method in a way or the opposite.

However, don’t fret! Whereas our inexperienced passport won’t be as robust because the others, it still provides you with a shining shimmering list of states you’ll be able to examine that are super straightforward to travel to!

Pakistanis wouldn’t like the visas to those forty-three countries however the Pakistani passport holders have to be compelled to fulfill alternative general necessities sort of a ticket, building booking, and enough funds to justify their keep in any of those countries.

Moreover, the passport ought to be valid. Visa free countries for Pakistani passport holders.

Pakistani voters don’t need any visa in these countries.

They will be allowed to enter the country by simply showing their Passport which can be sealed.

  • Dominica (6 months)
  • Haiti (3 months)
  • Micronesia (30 days)
  • Saint Vincent and therefore the Grenadines (30 days)
  • Trinidad and Tobago (3 months)
  • Vanuatu (30 days)

Visa on Arrival for Pakistani voters in 2019

Visa on arrival (VOA) means Associate in nursing form is given to you once you reach the aerodrome or border of that country.

This form must be stuffed on the spot and you’ll get a visa on arrival. The visa is affixed into your passport promptly. Simply certify to stay US greenbacks and passport size photos as they needed for the visa.

The fee of VOA is usually $50.

  • Benin (8 days)
  • Cambodia (30 days)
  • Cape Verde (30 days)
  • Comoros (45 days)
  • Guinea-Bissau (90 days)
  • Kenya (90 days)
  • Madagascar (90 days)
  • Maldives (30 days)
  • Mozambique (30 days)
  • Nepal (30 days)
  • Palau (30 days)
  • Qatar (30 days)
  • Rwanda (30 days)
  • Samoa (90 days)
  • Seychelles (90 days)
  • Somalia (30 days)
  • Timor Leste (30 days)
  • Tanzania (30 days)
  • Togo (7 days)
  • Trinidad and Tobago (90 days)
  • Tuvalu (30 days)
  • Uganda (30 days)

Visa Free Countries For Pakistani Passport Holders